The universal testing machine operates with computerized numerical control and includes a computer with HDD and touch screen. It is a self-supporting, two-pillar structure with ball screws. Its electronic setup enables cycles of stress of sinusoidal form resulting in machine preservation and remarkable performance – notwithstanding the ball screw mechanism. DC power driven, encoder (or optical ruler).

3MZ Tensile is the latest development of the so-called low load instruments. It’s equipped with pneumatic or mechanical grippers, and can also be used in conjunction with bending test equipment. 3MZ Tensile is a versatile machine, which based on the individual testing needs of the customer can have up to 3 loading cells, always equipped with their own sets of grippers, for the completion of tensile tests to breaking point.

DYNO Tensile is the ideal tool for anyone needing low load instruments. It’s equipped with standard or customised accessories, depending on the fastenings required by the application. The DYNO Tensile model is a machine with a versatile design, normally dedicated to plastic, rubber, fabric, paper, and cardboard tubes.