Always with a view to providing customised solutions ‘tailored’ to the needs and requirements of its customers, Easydur also carries out retrofitting – or revamping -, of machines manufactured by other brands, provided that they are electro-mechanically driven.

Customers may explicitly request this type of service for a number of reasons. For example:

  • The mechanical structure is still good, but the control electronics and software are becoming obsolete
  • The machinery is no longer compatible with current regulations and standards
  • Retrofitting ensures the availability of spare parts for years to come
  • It can be the ideal opportunity to add functionality to an outdated testing system (external connections and interfaces, new accessories, grips, strain gauges)
  • The time required for a retrofit is less than for building a new machine


Even during the modernisation of a machine, the work is done in full Easydur style. Every step takes place entirely in Italy, from the engineering of the retrofitting project to the mechanical and electronic refurbishment, ending with the configuration of the most suitable Easydur testing software.

The result is a machine that is absolutely comparable to a new one in terms of both functionality and looks (painting and finishing are also included in the process).

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Easydur technical team is always ready for new retrofit challenges: your electro-mechanic testing machine will be as new