Easydur is a pioneer in the field of Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers hardness tests

The main feature of Easydur industrial hardness testers is the milling system for the preparation of the surface, located in a special slot of the rotary head and capable of removing rust, scale and all imperfections. It is possible to install several optics and different indenters (Brinell and Vickers, for tests with the reading of the indentation, or Rockwell, with depth measurement). Easydur does not produce hardness testing machines with lifting screw but rather CNC industrial hardness testers with a solid self-supporting structure. The range includes models for small and medium-sized components, through to portal or flag hardness testers for hardness tests on large and heavy parts. The fields of application in which Easydur operates range from research to automotive, from forges, steel mills and foundries to heat treatment, and again to the railway, shipbuilding, energy and aerospace sectors.

As with every other Easydur solution, hardness testing machines are entirely developed to the customer’s exact requirements in terms of footprint, testing area dimensions, functionality and possible integrations.

Suffice to say that the multi-slot head designed by Easydur can include up to 12 slots. This allows to have, in one machine, all the main indenters for the most common hardness tests, the relevant load and optical cells, as well as the milling system and a revolutionary integrated marking system, so that all the desired values can be printed right next to the indentation.

Easydur testing systems can also be incorporated into automated production lines (including high volume ones), to perform hardness tests in series and return all the parameters and data required by a typical Industry 4.0 system.

By choosing an Easydur machine, you are relying on a system that carries out an actual production process, with all the advantages that this brings in terms of efficiency, cost savings and reduction of waste and downtime.


Aren't you tired of grinding?

The hardness testers with integrated milling system have a thousand advantages: let's discover some of them

Hardness testers with integrated milling system and marking system

    ottimizzazione tempi     45 seconds for one complete test, including surface preparation

    prove di durezza sul 100% della produzione     Test 100% of production with maximum Brinell accuracy

    ripetibilità Brinell     Constant surface roughness: no damages, no heating

    automazione della prova di durezza     Automatize the quality inspection process

    risparmio economico     Reduce costs, with economical benefits

    ottimizzazione risorse umane     Optimize Human Resources allocation