Since 1985, Easydur has been synonymous with Made in Italy and excellence in the field of metrology and all-round material characterisation. The philosophy of the company is based on careful attention to the needs of the customer, in order to build tailor-made industrial hardness testers (Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers), material testing machines (tensile, compression, torsion, resilience), dynamometers, spring testers, vision systems, dynamic machines, and machines for testing railway components.

Hardness testers - material testing machines

Hardness testers

Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers hardness testers with integrated milling for the preparation of the sample surface. Every solution, from universal floor-standing material testing machines to integrated manufacturing line solutions for 100% production control.

Material testing machines - UTM

Universal Testing Machines

The standardised tensile test is the ultimate form of material characterisation. Easydur builds universal static material testing machines with forces from 10N to 3000 kN.

Prove ferroviarie

Tests on railway components

Railway bogies, shock absorbers, coil springs, air springs, leaf springs, wheels: these are just a few examples of the railway components that can be tested with Easydur testing machines.

Macchine di prova per molle

Spring testing machines

Easydur machines measure, among other things, the axial and/or lateral load and the corresponding compression resistance of springs and materials. Easydur solutions handle loads from 10N to 3000kN.



A torquemeter measures the relative angle of rotation and the torque (Nmm) of springs, components and specimens (material characterisation). Easydur manufactures manual, bench-top and floor-standing torquemeters for every load.

Material testing machines - Resilience tests

Resilience test

Performed with the Charpy Pendulum, the resilience test uses gravity to measure the energy required to break a specimen. The test can take place at room temperature, or at sub-zero temperatures.


Easydur strongly believes that each test is a real production process. The primary goal is to develop highly productive automated testing systems that work in line with the Industry 4.0 parameters.

Vision systems

An industrial quality control vision system is essential when production volumes are high or human error is to be avoided. Discover the Easydur spring profile projectors with 1, 2 or 3 chambers.

Dynamic tests

Dynamic testing machines perform medium to high frequency tests on springs, shock absorbers and various materials. Easydur fatigue test systems are electromechanical: discover all the advantages of this technology.