One of the main characteristics of Easydur is the transversal nature of our competences, which span across various sectors. Easydur has, in fact, been working successfully for decades with forges, heat treatment plants, foundries, spring manufacturers and users, as well as with the world’s leading railways and the main players in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

This has been made possible thanks to both the variety of testing solutions designed and manufactured in-house by Easydur, and their flexibility in terms of size customisation, test loads and special features made available.

Here are some examples of the main macro-sectors in which Easydur has been working with passion and dedication for forty years; for further information or different needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at we appreciate challenges, but we love to win them even more.

Our main fields of application, and corresponding divisions

Springs producers and users

Metallurgical sector

The metallurgical sector, or the processing of iron and steel, immediately brings to mind images of large furnaces at very high temperatures, with parts of all sizes. A range of products, and therefore tests, for which Easydur offers a full range of industrial hardness testers for steel mills, forges and foundries, and universal testing machines.

Springs producers and users

Production/use of springs

Not only compression and tensile spring testing! Easydur is at the forefront in the design of advanced systems for pre-loading, dimensional measurements, sorting and much more. In addition to tests on springs of all shapes and sizes, testing of metal wires of all kinds are also available.

Railways sector testing machines

Railway sector

The Easydur Business Unit dedicated to the railway sector is among the most technologically advanced in the entire company. On the other hand, when it comes to testing railway bogies, railway shock absorbers and leaf spring suspensions, research and development can only be at the highest mechanical and computing levels.

Automotive sector testing machines

Automotive sector

One of the most regulated areas, the automotive sector requires testing of almost every component. Whether it is automotive component testing for safety or for comfort, you can safely rely on the long experience of Easydur. In addition to tests on springs, tests on any material are also possible.

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