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The Easydur unit dedicated to spring testing machines (compression and tension tests for spring characterisation or quality control) specialises in the development of testing machines, spring guide rods, accessories and software for springs of all types.

The Easydur dynamometers are available in various models according to maximum load (from 10N to 3,000 kN) and guarantee a resolution of 200,000 divisions: we can meet the needs of every sector, from electronics to medical, from automotive to railway.

Easydur develops the test software for its dynamometers in-house. This is the EasyQs software, which makes it possible to create any drawing program and perform mathematical calculations very quickly and easily, detecting axial and lateral loads, force angles and directions, and create charts and reports.

Easydur spring testing machines are not designed and manufactured as simple spring testers: they are true universal systems.

It is, in fact, possible to replace the plates for compression tests on machined and non-machined springs with special hooks and grips for traction spring testing. Moreover, when equipped with the dedicated accessories, these machines can perform all types of mechanical test on any material (discover other configurations here).

We are, therefore, talking about highly versatile and future-proof instruments, capable of fully adapting not only to the current needs of our customers, but also to those that may arise due to future projects, differentiations and regulations that may come into force.

All this thanks to their “all-in-one” design, which allows, for example, to test the characteristics and quality of both a spring and the wire from which it is made.

Easydur is always ready to take on new challenges regarding special applications in the field of spring characterisation and quality control, for very special products such as springs with oval or rectangular cross-sectionwire or strip shaped springs, or for conical and biconical springs with non-constant outer diameter (as in the case of MacPherson shock absorbers) and often requiring lateral load detection by means of multi-cell and multi-channel testing machines.

But Easydur’s spring testing technology does not stop there: over the decades, the company has also distinguished itself in the field of torsion spring testing and automated 100% production testing (essential for efficient spring quality control), and in the high-tech world of vision systems for springs, as well as in dynamic testing and in the complex railway sector.

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