We are an Italian company with a long tradition spanning several generations and with extremely transversal skills: we work in every sector and offer various types of testing machines, from hardness testers and universal testing machines, to automated spring testing systems and vision systems.

The design of our machines, both in terms of mechanics and software, takes place, together with their construction, entirely at our Arcisate factory in the province of Varese, Italy, 35 minutes from Milan Malpensa airport.

The philosophy of Easydur is based on close collaboration with the customer in defining the details of the project, and the majority of Easydur machines are indeed custom made.

The story of Easydur

Easydur was established in 1985 with a single goal: to design and build state-of-the-art measuring instruments. It does so by taking care of the entire project, from software development to component production and assembly, to provide the customer with a tailor-made machine.

All this was made possible thanks to Renato Affri who, building on the strength of the experience he had already gained in the family business dedicated to the design and construction of hardness testers, decided to set up Easydur to fill a gap in the spring compression testing sector in Italy. The result of the founder’s pioneering spirit allowed Easydur to become, among other things, the first company to implement a camera system on a Brinell hardness tester, revolutionising the world of hardness testing and achieving great success on the national and international markets.

Easydur mechanical development
Easydur software development
Easydur production
Easydur sviluppo macchine di prova

Development of measuring instruments

Easydur always endeavours to respond promptly to the most demanding market requirements, collaborating with its customers and several University. Today, it can boast a complete range of measuring instruments, with forces going from a few Newtons to hundreds of tonnes, capable of performing tensile, compression, torsion and hardness tests and which, last but not least, can be integrated with image analysis vision systems. We are therefore proud to say that Easydur products can be found at the production sites of a wide range of national and international customers operating in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, railways, mills, forges, foundries, as well as at the top universities.

Easydur quality

All our machines and automated systems strictly comply with European and international standards, and are all certified by official calibration centres. In addition, a worldwide after-sales service is guaranteed by highly trained technical staff. In 2014, the entire business moved to new premises, where a production space of 2,000 square metres allows to produce large equipment in total ease, as well as ensuring close contact with the other departments, for maximum organisational efficiency.


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