Simple use

Once the test recipes have been created, tests can be run with a simple start command.

The machine can be equipped with one, two or three load cells, always ready for use, installed on a

revolving turret and selectable via the software.

Simple programming

The machine can be used in either manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode.
Programming is achieved using the “EasyQS” multilingual software developed by Easydur and running on Windows 10.

Technical characteristics:

  • Suitable for carrying out tests on springs and elastic elements
  • Suitable for carrying out breaking tests on steel or plastics, with modulus of elasticity calculation
  • Automatic reset
  • Media, sigma, Gaussian curves, CP, CPK…
  • Measure with direct graphic reading
  • Spring hysteresis measurement
  • 3-D diagrams (angle / time / torque)
  • Programmable measurement units
  • Interface for external data acquisition from gauges and other instruments
  • Electronic handle for manual displacements – precision equal to 0.1° – or file management
  • Programme for free angles, forces and positions, cyclic tests, stress, fatigue, break.
  • Integrated compact industrial computer, HD, touch screen, integrated network card, USB port

Self-bearing torsion testing machine TMP series specifications

Working capacities Nm1002005001.000 2.0005.00010.00020.00050.00080.000
Minimum division Nm0,0030,0060,0150,030,060,150,310,611,562,5
Max measurable diameterStandard 200 mm, upper undefinedStandard 500 mm, upper undefined
Working side girdersStandard 200 mm, upper undefinedStandard 500 mm, upper undefined
Min angular division0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°
Power supply230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V400V400V