Instrument for finding grinding defects on springs

Patented system with two cameras fitted on grinding machines to detect grinding defects on both the top and bottom ends of springs. The system can also be used for tests off-line.

Innovative optical measurement system based on 3 cameras

MULTIVISION II has the same functions as a classic profile projector, but with the great advantage of obtaining all the programmed measurements in an instant.
Available in a version with 1 to 3 cameras with customisable fields of vision, it is ideal for three-dimensional measurements, for example for compression, torsion, traction springs and various shaped springs

Thanks to their functionality and high calculating power, vision systems are widely used in industrial application fields including “Fault recognition and checking of measurements within tolerance”.

An innovative instrument that allows 100% control over standard and night time production.
This system is capable of measuring and correcting both spring length and diameter coil by coil.
Thanks to new developments in our programme, now spring pitch can also be measured on each coil.

Profile projector with up to 3 cameras for fitting on spring former, programmable, with correction up to 16 motors and data storage.