An innovative vision systems which allows to keep under control 100% of the production of springs.

TAB can measure and correct both the length as well as the diameter of the springs, coil by coil.

Thanks to the latest updates of our testing software, it is now possible to measure also the pitch between each coil of the spring.

The system is a complete kit comprising a super high-definition camera, a very user-friendly touch screen industrial PC, an illumination system for setting the perfect contrast and all the needed cables (start, stop, eject) in order to interact with the springs former.

It works in substitution to every comparator, improving not only the quality of production, but also the volumes.

Production can be subdivided in up to 13 groups thanks to our internally-developed sorting systems, or integrating the system with the line’s existing sorting devices.

The software forces the production to stop according to various criteria, such as:

  • The reaching of the programmed volume of production
  • After “X” produced springs with the wrong tolerance
  • Irregularities in the turning of the engine, and so on

Characteristics of the vision system

  • Image analysis of new conception: fully automatic and independent from the amount of light, as well as from the set thresholds
  • Supports the diameter measurement, taper detection, pitch between the coils, and so on
  • Extreme user-friendliness, also thanks to the plug & play functionalities
  • Production can be split between 13 lines (for example according to the color of the wire)
  • Smart error correction and feedback, with PID control for eliminating anomalies and errors of the springs former
  • Piece counter and integrated statistics: CP, CPK, histogram, and the like
  • Exportation towards the most common CAQ and Microsoft Excel; resolution: 0.01 mm
  • 15” LCD touch screen
  • Traction springs checking according to 12 quotes + load detection with sorting according to each threshold


  • Different sorting devices for managing up to 13 lines (also according to wire color)