Instrument for finding grinding defects on springs

Patented system with two cameras fitted on grinding machines to detect grinding defects on both the top and bottom ends of springs. The system can also be used for tests off-line.

Characteristics of the vision system

The system is able to recognise defects of the end, whether it is bent inward or outward, thanks to the two cameras, one positioned on top of the rotating disc and the other under it. The instrument is also equipped with a two-way sorter for separating good and faulty springs, and is able to analyse up to 6000 springs per hour.

Testing software

The work programs are managed by means of two touchscreen panels (one for each camera). The software allows setting of the tolerances, configuration of the ROI of analysis, creation of customised programs and storage of statistics.

Bottom of the spring

Bottom view of ground spring from vision system

Top of the spring

Top view of ground spring from vision system

Rotating disc

Rotating disc holding spring in tester