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The Integral Revolver is a durometer with a reinforced structure holding on its stand a head with built-in milling or a “Revolver” head with 8 slots that can accommodate load cells and various optics, so you can have a single instrument for all 3 main hardness scales (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell). If you choose to mount a milling head, the machine will have the same features as the durometer head (built-in surface cleaning, speed/depth milling cycle setting, etc.). In the case of the revolver head, no surface cleaning can be incorporated, but on the other hand you can have all Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell scales (load cell and the corresponding recognition optics). On the support plate of both configurations, it is possible to integrate clamping/staffing systems of your choice (plate with “T” grooves), manual clamps, hydraulic clamps, etc.).

Main characteristics:

– Max. load: 3000kg
– Hardness scales: all VH, BH, RH scales (if revolver)
– Tests that can be performed: all the scales between Brinell 5/750 and Brinell 10/3000 and HRC (if with milling head)
– Load resolution: 100,000 divisions
– Camera 5 MegaPixel
– Milling depth can be set from 0 to 5mm.

Machine dimensions:

– 1500x1950x2520
– Reach: 450mm
– Maximum working test height: 900mm


– Depending on the desired scales