Easyflag 3000 Brinell hardness tester for forges heat treatments and steel mills

EASYFLAG 3000 is a special industrial Brinell hardness tester, with built-in milling system, designed to overcome the typical problems of radial drills, which are not suited to bear loads higher than 3.000 kg (the load of the Brinell 3000 hardness test) together with the force for blocking the parts, nor to resist the vibrations caused by milling. With an automatic Brinell image reading, Easyflag 3000 is the perfect hardness tester for production plant, steel mills and foundries, where a lot of big piecess need to be tested in sequence.

Portal hardness tester for Brinell hardness tests on big components. Automatic milling system for perfect surface preparation and automatic Brinell image recognition.

Easydur Portal Hardness Testers are solutions with a very high mechanical and technological content. They are machines that can be customized in terms of structure and mechanical dimensions, as they are built in compliance with the strictest testing needs of our customers. With these industrial Brinell hardness testers it is possible to test every kind of piece, regardless of its dimensions. The integrated milling system of this hardness tester grants the optimal surface preparation.

Line automatic hardness tester for industrial production

Integral In Line is an automatic hardness tester able to perform both Brinell hardness tests as well as Rockwell hardness tests, easily switching from one indenter to the other without a manual intervention of the operator. It’s developed to perform tests on 100% of production, in integration with automated forklifts (AGVs).

Industrial automatic Brinell hardness tester with rotating table, for small to medium metal pieces.

Integral Rotary is a hardness tester designed to perform hardness tests on small and medium sized specimens. The advantage of this solution is the possibility to speed up hardness testing, thanks to the possibility of positioning several specimens on the motorized rotary table. Ideal for companies that produce batches of thousands of pieces and must therefore test their hardness in series.

Brinell hardness tester with automatic Brinell image recognition and integrated milling system.

Automatic industrial Brinell hardness tester with rotating head granting the possibility to equip it with several cameras and lenses for image analysis as well as various indenters for Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers tests. The revolver head allows to equip this hardness tester with an integrated milling system, ensuring perfect surface preparation.

Brinell hardness tester designed for industrial applications, specifically for hardness tests on large and heavy metal rings. With integrated milling system and automatic Brinell image recognition.

Easyring is a special production Brinell hardness tester with a solid steel structure and to support the weight of very heavy components such as metal rings, moved using forklifts transport systems. Easyring is a tool that performs an actual production process, and allows faster testing operations thanks to the Easydur multi-slot head with integrated milling system.

Automatic Brinell hardness tester designed for hardness tests on train wheels.

Special hardness tester for Brinell tests up to 3000kg, specifically developed for measurements on railway wheels thanks to the manual or motor-driven X-Y table.

Universal hardness tester for Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers and Martens hardness tests, perfect for every material, from plastic to steel.

Universal hardness tester capable of performing a variety of hardness tests, including Martens test.
Automatic image analysis for Brinell hardness tests (1-3000 Kg) and Vickers hardness tests (0.25 – 120 Kg); this reliable hardness tester ensures a repeatability of +/- 0.002 Brinell. Machine management happens through a built-in computer. This universal hardness tester is perfect for industry as well as for research (as a laboratory hardness tester).

Automatic Brinell hardness tester for springs wire. It tests hardness of springs wire regardless of the thickness.

Brinell hardness tester for Brinell tests directly on the coils of the springs, even on wire with reduced diameter. Built-in milling system and camera for optical measurement.

Portable Brinell hardness tester. Probe for reading Brinell indentations, with touch screen Windows 10 tablet and Easydur software.

Portable Brinell hardness tester for automatic image analysis of Brinell indentations (1-3000Kg), repeatability +/- 0.1 HBW with instrument management by a built-in Windows 10 tablet, selection of loads and automatic test scales from a menu, and automatic measurement. The absolute measurement is already valid at the first test with this portable Brinell hardness gauge.