08 Sep PORTAL EASY 3000

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Easydur Portal Hardness Testers are solutions with a very high mechanical and technological content. They are machines that can be customized in terms of structure and mechanical dimensions, as they are built in compliance with the strictest testing needs of our customers. The main factors during the dimensional and structural choices are certainly the dimensions of the parts to be tested.

All Easydur Portals are equipped with our special Revolver Head, fitted with:

  • Laser pointer (for finding the correct test point)
  • Workpiece press (for clamping)
  • Milling Slots (for surface preparation, with adjustable depth and RPM)

  • Slot with indenter (for making the Brinell and HRC indentations)
  • Slot with autofocus camera (for reading the indentation)
  • Data acquisition and hardness calculation
  • On-screen display of results
  • Archiving of images and results with corresponding statistics

The complete test cycle can be performed in under 1 minute, and thanks to the advanced mechanical studies used in the final design of the head, it can also be performed inside small surfaces.
Surface preparation is fully programmable, as it is possible to set both the milling depth (up to 5 mm) and the RPM according to the type of material to be tested.
Our Portals are equipped with motorized axes for the movement of the stand, the crossbar and the head, as shown below (it is possible to attach additional ones on request).

With the object of supplying 4.0 machines, EASYDUR Portals can be equipped with Self-Learning function, an option that allows the operator to perform hardness tests on all the parts positioned on the Base Area with a simple single start.

In short, these types of solutions significantly reduce work times, exponentially increasing the productivity of our customers. The possibility of human error is also completely eliminated, as thanks to the Automatic surface preparation the indentations and their readings are literally performed in the same way and under the same conditions. Moreover, thanks to our UniversED Software, all the data relating to the test are saved in special Reports, which can be printed or sent directly to the Company Management Software.

We create portals that can be interfaced with existing or new production lines.

From a structural point of view, we would like to point out that the Base plate can be integrated with a clamping/support system of choice (plate with “T” slots, manual vices, hydraulic vices, etc.)


Main features:

  • Max. load 3,000kg
  • Possible tests: HRC, Brinell 5/750 and Brinell 10/300
  • Load resolution: 100,000 divisions
  • 5 MegaPixel Camera
  • Milling depth adjustable from 0 to 5mm.




The instrument is equipped with a camera for the reading of Brinell indentations

The advantages of Easydur optics are:

  • High resolution
  • Autofocus
  • Sharp image even on milled parts, thanks to our special Algorithm
  • Electronic image management
  • Printing of images for metallographic examinations
  • Inspection and dimensional measurement of the material surface
  • ASTM and DIN ISO and GOST algorithms
  • Oval impression algorithms



The software was fully developed by EASYDUR for operation on a Windows 10 operating system, with touchscreen monitor, automatic management of the test phases, dimensional measurements and statistics in Excel format, with diagrams and histograms completely exportable directly to the Company Management Software.


Brinell EN-ISO 6506 et ASTM E10 ;
Rockwell EN-ISO 6508 ;