EASYFLAG 3000 is a special hardness gauge for Brinell and Rockwell tests, with built-in milling, designed to overcome the typical problems of radial drills, which are not suited to bear loads higher than 3000 kg together with the force for blocking the parts, nor to resist the vibrations caused by milling.

Portable probe for automatic image analysis for Brinell tests (1-3000Kg), repeatability +/- 0.1 HBW with instrument management by a built-in tablet, selection of loads and automatic test scales from a menu, automatic measurement. The absolute measurement is already valid at the first test.

Universal machine for different hardness tests, including Martens test.
Automatic image analysis for Vickers (0.25 – 120 Kg) and Brinell (1-3,000 Kg) tests; repeatability +/- 0.002 Brinell. Machine management through a built-in computer.

Easydur specialises in the manufacturing of large-size hardness testers capable of carrying out Brinell tests up to 3,000 Kg.
The test cycle is fully automatic and includes workpiece surface preparation, with milling being an integrated feature of the equipment.

Hardness gauge with rotating head with several cameras and lenses for image analysis and various indentors for Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers tests.

CNC portal for Brinell tests, 14 m, 4 axes with milling included and automatic test cycle with image analysis.

For Brinell tests directly on the coils of the springs, even on wire with reduced diameter. Built-in milling system and camera for optical measurement.

Special hardness gauge for Brinell tests up to 3000kg, particularly suitable for measurement on railway wheels thanks to the manual or motor-driven XY table.