Equipment manually operated for right and left torque control on springs with two adjustable stops for the angular position, with horizontal enbloc structure and ball circulation accuracy guides.
Its high-definition electronic cell allows torque measurements while the angular positions are controlled by digital encoder with 0.1 degree minimum indexing.
The elasticity of the torsion tester cell is automatically compensated.
This torsion tester is supplied with tables, adjustable in order to set the torsion point, and either operates with the relative zero given by the spring contact, or with the absolute zero given by the anvil contact.
The instrument is designed for direct torque measurement; it always gives the same reading, including when the connection points vary. No particular accuracy is therefore needed in positioning the arms.
This model can also be supplied with a passive computer capable of reading and displaying results and result diagrams on screen. Our data storage program enables test records and certificates to be printed.

Digital bench torsion tester

The digital part has a push button panel in order to visualize on two displays the torques and angles.
kgmm and Nmm are the commutable units and on request, British units can be supplied.

These functions are set via the keyboard and provide for:

  • automatic zerosetting. Possibility to zeroset angle and torque on any point.
  • recalibration. Keys are provided for setting the sample torque, together with a key for storage.
  • multicell (option).
  • tolerances. Three lights for rates over, under and within tolerance, may be lit at will with two Keys.
  • data transmission. The machine is supplied with RS232 output for direct connection to a computer.

Bench Torsion Tester TR Series specifications

Working capacity Nmm2005001.0002.0005.00010.00020.000
Min. indexing Nm0,0020,0050,010,020,050,10,2
Max. diameter measurable200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm
Working side girders150 mm150 mm150 mm150 mm150 mm150 mm150 mm
Min. angular indexing0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°0,1°
Power supply230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V230/110V