Automotive components compression and torsion testing machine

Model CompreTorsion

Macchina per prove di compressione e torsione su componenti automotive

The world of testing machines is incredibly diverse, because every industry needs to perform a variety of tests with precise and reliable testing systems.

It goes without saying that the automotive sector is no exception; on the contrary, it is one of the most regulated in the world, as it has to comply with precise standards in term s of safety, quality and comfort, and much more. 

Fortunately, Easydur testing machines are incredibly customisable, which makes them absolutely perfect for every application in every industry: that’s why we call them universal tensile, compression, torsion, bending and shear testing machines.

The example given here is that of a special testing machine with dual functionality, designed for testing various components mounted on the steering wheels of sports cars: we are, therefore, talking about a high-performance branch of the automotive sector.

It is, on the one hand, a dynamometer for compression tests on buttons and knobs, and on the other hand a torquemeter specially designed to perform torsion tests on knobs and other controls, also for prestigious car models.

The machine for compression and torsion testing in detail

The particular compression and torsion testing machine that we are going to analyse was designed and developed at the request of a major customer of the luxury and sports car sector working with the world’s biggest automotive brands.

The company in question designs and manufactures accessories and components such as steering wheels, dashboards and controls, with their switches and buttons, but also complex and innovative systems such as sensors, batteries, hybrid solutions and much more. It goes without saying that with such a wide variety of departments and products, the demands on testing machines are truly universal.

This customer also needs to perform the tests in house, in its own in-house laboratories, both with the aim of ensuring compliance with the existing standards and of experimenting and carrying out R&D activities.

It is precisely this requirement that brought to the development of this Easydur machine. Called CompreTorsion, as the name suggests it performs compression and torsion tests. Therefore, it is both a dynamometer and a torquemeter, and is equipped with special accessories for testing buttons and switches, from the largest ones requiring greater loads, to the smallest and lightest ones.

In addition, the special interface created by Easydur makes it possible to detect, thanks to a feedback signal detection system, under which load and at which stroke a button or switch close the circuit.

In fact, the tests to determine the operating characteristics and the reaction to compression of switches and buttons must involve synchronisation between the electrical signals of the tested components and their respective force and displacement signals.

For example, in a hysteresis test (switching from the ‘ON’ to the ‘OFF’ condition), the mechanical force required for activation and the electrical switching point are detected and shown on the CompreTorsion display at the end of the compression test.

Performing such tests requires a dynamometer that works with low loads, capable of extremely precise measurements, with real-time feedback and accessories that simulate finger pressure.

Prova di compressione su tasti di un volante automobilistico

Compression test on the buttons of a steering wheel

Prova di torsione su ghiera dei comandi settore automotive

Torsion test on a command dial

Prova di compressione sulla leva del cambio al volante

Compression test on the steering wheel gear lever

A modular testing machine that combines compression tests with torsion tests

One of the main features of this high-precision testing machine is the integrated torquemeter, which can be combined with various optional extras in order to clamp and secure each component to be tested. The torquemeter is easily operated by removing a pin and rotating the solid rotating head of our CompreTorsion machine.

Like all Easydur solutions, this compression testing machine features an industrial PC with Windows 10 or 11, and software fully developed in accordance with the specifications of the customer.

The testing software is, in fact, specifically designed to allow the user to perform a large number of tests, following an optimised and intuitive procedure, also thanks to the possibility of storing test recipes and recalling them with a few touches of the touch screen display.

Charts (shown in real time), tables and reports can be customised and exported in Excel format.

Easydur universal testing machines are compatible with the Industry 4.0 standards and can be integrated with our customers’ management systems, production lines and any other devices (such as barcode and QR code readers).