06 Jul MICRO AXIO 55

Micro Axio 55 with PC is suitable for Shore tests and on request also for IRHD and Vickers tests according to ASTM D2240 and ISO 7619 and ISO 48.

Recommended for performing multiple tests using different hardness testers on the same device. This is due to the multi-probe rotating turret that allows up to 7 different test methods to be carried out by applying up to 5 different hardness testers.

Fully automatic test cycle: the hardness tester performs the test and the hardness value appears directly on the PC monitor.

Built-in L.I.S.A. (Laser Indicator SyStem Axiotek) pointing device able to identify the exact point where the test will take place (pat. AFFRI).

4-position turret dedicated to different magnification targets for Vickers impression analysis.

Powerful management software that allows test data to be analysed with respect to tolerance margins on a statistical basis by means of graphic representation. It also allows easy data export by creating customisable test reports with company data.

Robust, shockproof instrument with keys protected against dust and liquid intrusion. The instrument is unaffected by vibration or temperature variations. Maximum reproducibility and repeatability of results under all test conditions.