06 Jul DX835

Motorised bench support that implements precision and speed of use.

Can be used for all Shore test methods in conjunction with a portable hardness tester. 

Why use it? To minimise human error thanks to the correct orthogonality between the indenter and the test specimen, the uniformity in the application of force and the system to check the correct positioning of the stand on the workbench.

Full compliance with ISO 48-4, ASTM D2240, ISO 868 and ISO21509.

And thanks to our system of adding and removing calibrated masses, you can use the same stand for all Shore hardness tests, from the 5 kgf required in the D method to 400 gf in the OOO method.


Motorised measuring head.

Possibility of removing the instrument for manual operation.

Electronic control of the descent speed of the measuring probe, with programmable values from 0.5 mm/s to 16 mm/s.

For performing all Shore tests with loads of 0.4Kg, 1Kg and 5Kg.

Flat support designed to accommodate small accessories with complex geometries, such as O-rings: the plate is compatible with accessories specially developed to clamp small objects.

The motorised system works in place of the operator: simply position the sample to be examined and press a button.