– Universal machine for different hardness tests, including Martens test.
– Automatic image analysis for Vickers (0.25 – 120 Kg) and Brinell (1-3,000 Kg) tests; repeatability +/- 0.002 Brinell
– Machine management through a built-in computer.
– Automatic selection of loads and test scales from menus; automatic test cycle.
– The structure is protected against dust and any atmospheric agents as well as against shocks.
– It is possible to carry out tests on blank or unclean surfaces. Ideal also for installation in foundries and forging facilities.
– Brinell and Vickers readings through camera and monitor integrated with high-definition electronic measurement, with precision 1 micron and zoom from 20x to 400x.
– Everything is 100% automatic: auto focus, light intensity adjustment, and test cycle
– Automatic focus with piece presser.
– Print of the impression image and of the specimen surface; print of the inspection report with statistic analysis.
– Image storing and cable transmission of images.
– Large data and test storage with file management.
– Built according to the requirements for certification by calibration institutes.
– The load precision is controlled via high-precision closed loop load cells (AFFRI patent)
– Perfect and effective measure even at the first test.

Integral is controlled by a computer installed on board the machine, with hard disk, Windows XP operation system, touch screen colour monitor and proprietary application software that allows the operator to follow the various automatic test phases: test selection, Rockwell depth measurement, rapid and high-precision Brinell and Vickers measurements; filing of piece images and impressions, dimensional measurements.
The complete statistics program supplies charts and histograms as well as a large data storage.
A data output allows the test report to be printed.

Integral is a universal harness tester programmed for multiple types of hardnesses according to DIN-ISO ASTM DIN regulatoins to be tested on any type of metal and alloys, synthetic materials, ceramics, abrasive stones, plastics, rubber, aggregates and many other materials. Upon request load forces for additional tests can be added.
The methods adopted are:
Brinell based on EN-ISO 6506;
Vickers based on EN ISO 6507;
Rockwell based on EN ISO 6508;
Plastics based on DIN 53456.
Metallographic controls can be carried out on metal structures and measurements of the depth of the hardness surface treatment can be performed.
It can be used in the lab for quality control purposes, in manufacturing for fast measurements and lot selection, in research institutions, technical schools and universities.

– Table 400×300 mm
– Penetrators and specimens for the various hardness tests
– Camera with lenses to be combined with the various hardness tests
– X Y table for HV seam tests
– Printer for charts, images and statistics
– Special penetrators and special tests
– Tests of depth of surface hardening treatments
– Piece table with round plate, diameter 60 mm
– “V” shaped piece table for rods of up to 200 mm diameter
– Statistics programs and database
– Martens test