Within the wide range of standard and special hardness testers that EASYDUR is able to offer, in terms of productivity and solidity, the portal structures are unsurpassed.

For this sector EASYDUR does not propose standard models, but, by listening to the customer’s needs, synergically develops a project aimed at satisfying all the customer’s specific production needs. Today the portals start from 7 metres up to 20m in length, and can accommodate up to 14 automatic axes on their structure (portal movement + part movement). The strength of these instruments lies not only in the EASYDUR milling head but also in the large support surface for test pieces. In this way, hardness tests will be carried out (fully automated thanks to the optional self-learning) sliding along the length of the portal.  As the parts are tested, they are replaced with others offering an uninterrupted recirculation of parts throughout the work shift, ensuring unprecedented productivity (in companies with high work flows, productivity is up to five times higher, thanks to the elimination of manpower). Our structures can be integrated with various optional extras (autonomous compressors for pneumatics, connections to the pneumatic line, lights, operator platforms, etc.) and they can be integrated into automated production lines.

Main characteristics:

– Max. load: 3000kg
– Tests that can be performed: all the scales between Brinell 5/750 and Brinell 10/3000 and HRC (if with milling head)
– Load resolution: 100,000 divisions
– Camera 5 MegaPixel
– Milling depth can be set from 0 to 5mm.

Machine dimensions:

to be agreed with the customer


to be agreed with the customer