Updating of your machine which involves hardware as well as software upgrades. The computer and its control electronics will be changed to provide you with a more accurate, reliable, modern instrument.

General Characteristics

Hardware configuration
– Industrial system Panel PC with Touch screen LCD 15”, sensitive enough to detect finger touches through gloves, Windows XP operating system (customer’s language version) Easydur protection system and HDD.
– Embedded real time system for axis control and sensor conditioning, with 1KHz sampling frequency and a resolution of 1/32700 for force sensor at full scale.

Machine management
– Electronic handwheel for intuitive axis displacement for manual tests. Used in combination with the operator’s pushbuttons, it enables extremely fast launching of tests stored in the archive.
– Shifts with sinusoidal speed profiles (suitable for stress or bedding cycles).
– Output of test certificates in Excel

Description of new software
Broadly similar in nature, the new software is more stable than the old one. Infinite tests from the archive can be performed, and a huge amount of test results can be stored. Above all, the new software will provide certificates directly in Excel format.
The system is open and everyone can customise the test archive according to their specific needs without having to follow a preset arrangement.
The new software builds on and enhances the features of the old one. A huge amount of effort has been put in improving the robustness of the entire system, from archives to load cell protection.