31 Mar EASYFLAG 3000


The EASYFLAG 3000 is a durometer in feathered position, extremely sturdy and reliable. It finds numerous uses thanks to its versatility, offered by the possibility to rotate through 180° (or even 360° with the insertion of additional pallets). The machine has 2 versions, depending on the desired productivity: one fully automatic with larger dimensions and one with manual axes with reduced dimensions (respectively with test surfaces 5500×3250 and 2650×2000). The entire test cycle (surface cleaning, indentation, hardness recognition, data storage) is performed by the EASYDUR head with built-in milling, offering numerous advantages in terms of quality, reliability and productivity. The machine has 3 main axes of head movement, all automatic and programmable, to position the instrument in the area to be controlled; the test cycle lasts about 1 minute. For particularly difficult tests, just like a normal milling machine, both the speed and the milling depth can be programmed. If the machine is equipped with the 4.0 Self-learning system, the operator, after positioning the parts, will only have to give the start, and the machine will work without an operator.


– Solid electrowelded steel structure subject to subsequent stress relief treatment
– Tests that can be performed: all the scales between Brinell 5/750 and Brinell 10/3000 and HRC (if Options are included)
– Load resolution: 100,000 divisions
– Camera 5 MegaPixel
– Milling depth can be set from 0 to 5mm.
– Fully automatic axes


– Self-learning
– Y axis motor control (small Easyflag)
– X axis motor control (small Easyflag)