31 Mar EASYFLAG 3000

EASYFLAG 3000 is a special hardness gauge for Brinell and Rockwell tests, with built-in milling, designed to overcome the typical problems of radial drills, which are not suited to bear loads higher than 3000 kg together with the force for blocking the parts, nor to resist the vibrations caused by milling.

EASYFLAG 3000 is able to perform hardness tests with a completely automatic cycle, thanks to the software developed in-house by Easydur, and it is equipped with a high-resolution camera with autofocus, for the automatic recognition of indentations.

EASYFLAG 3000 is 100% Made in Italy


– Milling of small parts without requiring brackets
– Possibility of milling parts up to 55 HRC
– Milling depth adjustable from 0 to 1 mm with precision 0.01 and up to 3 mm with precision 0.02 mm
– Autofocus
– Test loads: 750, 1000, 3000 kg
– Balls Ø5 and Ø10 mm
– Functional control with a single command
– Reach without bending (max. radius 1 m)
– Solid steel structure (not cast iron)
– Camera with light