Automatic system for checking 100% of spring production

Automatic system for pressing and measuring ground and non ground springs (100% check), with manual or automatic loading (with vibrator or robot). It can be completely customised to meet the needs of each customer, including several stations and multiple load tests, optical measuring stations and multi-way selectors. The instrument is equipped with a rotating table with pneumatic grippers that prevent the spring from rubbing against the bushings. The instrument is managed via PLC and PC (in case of load test station and/or optical dimensional control), allowing the creation of customised work programs as well as the complete management of batches and working times.

The solution can be configured with:

  • Multiple presetting stations
  • Multiple stations for compression tests
  • Optical stations for high-precision dimensional measurements
  • Multi-way selectors
  • Painting stations
  • Packaging solutions

The software, developed in-house by EASYDUR, allows the internal management of the archives, statistics and certificates in Excel format, therefore fully modular and customisable by the customer himself. Software meets industry standard 4.0


  • test diagram
  • easily readable and exportable ASCII archive
  • elasticity and rigidity diagrams
  • integrated network card, USB
  • electronic handwheel for manual movements with precision 0.005 mm and for archive management
  • media, sigma, Gaussian curves, CP, CPK…