Our History

Easydur Italiana was founded in 1985 because the proprietor Mr. Renato Affri, with the strength of the experience he had acquired in his family business dealing with the design and construction of hardness testers, felt the need to fill a gap that had been created in Italy in the sector of spring testing.

With his pioneering spirit and solid technical preparation, he was able to develop and bring EASYDUR to the high technological levels of today.

Easydur was the first company to fit a camera on hardness testers for Brinell tests, thus revolutionising the hardness world. This innovation was immediately welcomed and accepted by the market, considering the success that it obtained.

At the same time, Easydur concentrated on the problems of springs, designing and developing more and more advanced measurement and control instruments to try to reply to the market’s increasing demands, collaborating with Customers and with University Centres, collecting the various requests that emerged.

Today the company can boast a complete range of measurement instruments (from 10N to 100Ton) for traction and compression, torsion and hardness tests and, last but not least, vision systems for image analysis which our national and international Clientele have adopted in the most varied sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, railway, spring manufacturing, forges and foundries, as well as in the best universities.

Both software (based on Windows) and hardware are developed in-house to be flexible and to allow us to customise the machines to suit the Customer’s specifications.

The company also possesses a notable fleet of machine tools, since it has always had a strong mechanical vocation, making also the mechanical parts in-house.

All our machines and automatic systems strictly respect European and international standards and are all certifiable by official calibration centres.

The after-sales service all over the world is guaranteed by a highly prepared technical staff.

Easydur is distinguished for its tenacity and flexibility in solving different cases in the field of control and quality and, since 2014, it has moved to its new production site with an area of 2000 square metres, where it can create large systems and improve organisation thanks to 300 square metres of office space.






Via Maja, 5 – 21051 Arcisate (VA) – Italia

Tel. +39 0332 203.626

Fax +39 0332 206.710

skype Easydur italiana: easydur-affri


Email:      info@easydur.com

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