Our History

Easydur Italiana was founded in 1985 with the aim of creating new measuring instruments.
Founded by Renato Affri, with the experience already  gained in the family business dedicated to the design and construction of hardness testers, he  felt the need to fill a gap that had been created in Italy in the sector of spring testing.

With his characteristic pioneering spirit and solid technical background, he was able to develop and bring EASYDUR to today’s high technological levels.

Easydur was the first company to fit a camera on hardness testers for Brinell tests.

This revolutionised the world of hardness testing. This innovation was immediately understood and accepted by the market, given the success achieved.

Development of Measuring Instruments

At the same time, Easydur focused on the issue of springs. The company has designed and developed state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment. In this way Easydur has tried to respond to the ever more demanding requirements of the market, collaborating with its customers and University Centres.

Today it can boast of having a complete range of measuring instruments (from 10N to 100Ton) for tensile-compression, torsion, hardness tests and, last but not least, vision systems for image analysis.

The latter have been adopted by national and international customers in a wide range of sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, railways, mills, forges, foundries and top universities.

Both software (Windows-based) and hardware are developed in-house in order to be flexible and allow us to customise machines according to customer specifications.

Machine Tool Park

The company has a large fleet of machine tools, and also manufactures the mechanical parts in-house.

All our machines and automatic systems strictly comply with European and international standards, and are all certified by official calibration centres.

After-sales service throughout the world is guaranteed by a highly trained technical staff.

Easydur stands out for its tenacity and flexibility in solving the various cases in the field of quality control.
Since 2014 it has moved to new premises of 2000 square metres dedicated to production, so as to allow the realisation of large installations and improve the organisation thanks to the 300 square metres of offices available.






Via Maja, 5 – 21051 Arcisate (VA) – Italia

Tel. +39 0332 203.626

Fax +39 0332 206.710

skype Easydur italiana: easydur-affri


Email:      info@easydur.com

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