Integral Universal hardness tester Vickers Brinell Rockwell

07 Jun

UNIVERSAL HARDNESS TESTER INTEGRAL  DOWNLOAD PDF  Integral Universal is, as the name suggests, a universal hardness tester able to perform different hardness tests, including Martens test. In fact, it can execute multiple types of measurements, according to DIN-ISO, ASTM DIN regulations, and works perfectly on any type...

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06 Jul DX835

Motorised bench support that implements precision and speed of use. Can be used for all Shore test methods in conjunction with a portable hardness tester.  Why use it? To minimise human error thanks to the correct orthogonality between the indenter and the test specimen, the uniformity in...

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06 Jul MICRO AXIO 55

Micro Axio 55 with PC is suitable for Shore tests and on request also for IRHD and Vickers tests according to ASTM D2240 and ISO 7619 and ISO 48. Recommended for performing multiple tests using different hardness testers on the same device. This is due to...

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Suitable for every need: thanks to its versatility, it can be used both in the laboratory and on the production floor. In addition, our analogue Shore can be used either in portable mode thanks to its integrated battery, or in a bench-top version to minimise...

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  DOWNLOAD PDF  Integral Revolver is a hardness tester with a reinforced structure holding on its stand a head with built-in milling or a “Revolver” head with 8 slots that can accommodate load cells and various optics, so you can have a single instrument for all 3...

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