Automatic system for checking 100% of spring production.
Possibility of including multiple presetting stations, compression
tests, optical measurement stations, packaging stations, painting
stations, multi-way selectors.

Automatic system for Brinell tests from 187.5 to 750 Kg on cylinders of various sizes. Built-in milling system and camera for optical measurement.

Camera-based automatic equipment for the control of the whole production, such as springs and other profiles.

Automatic optical system for the control and measurement of 100% of the internal and external diameter and free length of different families of springs.

Automatic system for the control and selection of 100% of springs, with robot, rotating table with friction-free pneumatic grippers, pressing, spring testing and image analysis

AURA TWINS is an automatic system for pressing and measuring springs, equipped with a motor-driven roller conveyor at inlet and outlet, as well as an automatic paint marking system. AURA TWINS is equipped with a presetting station and a spring testing station.